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Getting Started

Conduct an Informational Meeting - At this initial meeting, our goal is to set expectations for both parties. We will listen to your needs and encourage all of your questions. The result is clear alignment on the approach, deployment and feedback results.

Assign a Point of Contact - This is our "go to" person in your organization. The participating organization should assign a contact person with strong communication and project management skills. NCPE will ensure open and honest communications.

Establish the Assessment Profile - Our staff will walk you through the set up process. Together we will define the appropriate version of the Assessment, the applicable Assessment criteria, number of participants and the demographic you want tracked for evaluation purposes.

Create the Assessment - The output of step 3 becomes the input for step 4. NCPE will ensure the Assessment is created in a timely fashion based on all requirements defined. The Assessment will be made ready online for you to access at your convenience.

Complete the Assessment - NCPE sends out an email to all participants notifying the Assessment is available and invite them to log on and complete it. NCPE will handle all the administration. Our point of contact is continually updated on progress via status updates. NCPE will send out periodic reminders to ensure maximum participation.

Close Out the Assessment - Once the assessment is completed, NCPE will send out a confirming email to all participants thanking them for their participation.

Performance Indicator Feedback Report - NCPE delivers the Performance Indicator Feedback Report within three days once the Assessment has ended.

Next Steps - Evaluate the data and plan your organizational improvement strategies and initiatives.

Know Your Organization

NCPE's Organizational Assessment is a fast, economical and accurate method to evaluate performance in the key areas that drive business success and bottom line results. By obtaining inputs from a cross section of the organization we develop a performance profile that identifies organizational strengths, opportunities for improvement and gaps in process deployment that may be adversely impacting results.

If you want to know how well things are working, ask your employees. They are your best source of performance information and know exactly which processes work well and which ones do not. No one is in a better position to share their unique insights and ideas on how to improve than the ones doing the work.

NCPE's Organizational Assessment allows you to go right to the source. The assessment is conducted online, available 24/7 making it convenient for employees at all levels and functions throughout the organization to participate. Participants have plenty of opportunities to share their suggestions and ideas for improvement. Direct employee feedback is an invaluable part of the process that fosters communication, participation and a culture of ownership that strives to make things better.

Success Stories

Below is a sampling of the testimonials we received from our customers. Call us today to become one of our valued customers, too!

"Medical Associates Health Centers has made the decision to pursue the Wisconsin Forward Award and then on to the National Malcolm Baldrige Award. To monitor our progress with this important strategic initiative, we needed to establish a baseline as to where we are now. The Baldrige Express provided us with an excellent tool to do just that.

I especially liked the fact that the NCPE team monitored completion of the online survey and continuously sent out email reminders to the employees that had not completed the survey to date. This eliminated the need for me to do this follow-up, which was great.

The results were sent electronically in an easy-to-interpret format and have given our organization much insight as to what we can work on immediately to begin our journey towards improvement."

Tolly Arthur
Medical Associates Health Centers, Wisconsin
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